This is Palestine

Brothers, sons and daughters of Palestine everywhere, our people and our Arab brothers and lovers of Palestine

Greetings …
Attached is a link to a documentary film called “This is Palestine” (Palestine).

A film directed by Irish film director and producer John McColgan.
It is produced by the Irish relief agency Trocra.
It depicts, in an objective manner, the magnitude of the suffering and sacrifices of the Palestinian people against the will of the brutal Israeli occupier, who is swallowing the land, holy places, water, etc.
Unfortunately to this moment, the Irish Broadcasting Corporation refuses to show this film.
But we in the Palestinian community in Ireland will try to publish it on all sites that concern the Palestinian cause and its people.

We ask you, brothers and sisters, to publish it and broadcast it on the largest number of social networking sites to mobilize popular and international momentum.

Many thanks and appreciation to all.

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