His Majesty on enforcing Islamic law

“WHO ARE WE, in the presence of Allah (SWT), to say ‘no or wait’; considering that (Islamic) law was not only formulated, but has been stated in Al-Quran and Al-Hadiths for more than 1,400 years.”

This was the message in the titah of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam who yesterday reiterated calls for Brunei to implement Islamic law, particularly through the establishment of an Islamic Criminal Act.
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AWAS – Alim nak minta duit

16 Zulkaedah 1432H.

PERDAYA…dua lelaki yang didakwa menyamar saudara baru.Mengaku mendapat hidayah untuk memeluk Islam dan berkopiah bagi menunjukkan perwatakan alim dikesan menjadi taktik baru sekumpulan individu tidak bertanggungjawab bagi meraih simpati orang ramai terutama umat Islam bertujuan membolehkan mereka mendapat bantuan dan wang dengan cara mudah.
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Common Mistakes During Hajj and Umrah

What is written here is a need to educate our ummah who are invited guest of Allah SWT to Mecca. Common Mistakes During Hajj and Umrah  The Common Mistakes/Sins during Hajj and Umrah are as follow. Passing in Front of a Person Who is Praying (shalat) Many people passing in front of a person who is praying (shalat). Especially when they try to reach Raudhoh or Kaaba or going back to their place. The sin is very big: From Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book 9, Number 489: Narrated Busr bin Said: that Zaid bin Khalid sent him to Abi Juhaim to ask him what he had heard from Allah’s Apostle about a person passing in front of another person who was praying. Continue reading

When you down in life

When you are down in life, cannot move another step, so sad, upset, almost paralysed by the ever mounting problems and challenges, remember…..

Remember the moments when Allah Azza Wajalla gave you the strength to face the problems, when HE guided you and helped you to find solutions and overcome the problems.  Remember those moments.

And be thankful.

And remember that HE will NEVER EVER leave HIS servants.  NEVER!

“And when My servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me – indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So let them respond to Me [by obedience] and believe in Me that they may be [rightly] guided.” (2:186)

Parenting is a gift?

Being a parent is a gift. However, if parenting a gift or a acquired skill?

Being born as a Muslim is a gift. Yet, being a good, practicing Muslim is an acquired trait which comes from learning.

Being a Muslim does not entail that you and I automatically know how to perform solat.  Even worshipping our Creator Allah Wajjala requires knowledge.  Thus, parenting is a learned skill.

Many parents take parenting for granted just because he/she is a father/mother.  However, failure in parenting paves way for failed children vis a vis akhlaq.

Learn about parenting.  Learn how to be good parents so that we bring up children who are good Muslimin and Muslimat.

Problem free life?

Supplication (du’a) does not mean the absence of problems in life. Supplication gives us the STRENGTH to face problems and the means to overcome them.

There are people who believe that Allah SWT must make their life problem-free. Sadly, they ‘buy’ the thoughts of some writers who attest to this pathetic thoughts and spread illusionary thoughts.

If they study the Quran, Allah SWT did mention that life in this dunya (world) will be filled with trials and tribulations as to test our Iman and Taqwa.

So, instead of hoping that life must be free from problems, instead make du’a that Allah SWT will give you the strength to face any problems and His Guidance in overcoming life problems.


Ku pohon Rahmat Mu

Ya Allah,..aku bukannya Malaikat yang tak ada dosa
Aku juga bukan syetan yang selalu engkar
Aku adalah manusia biasa berdiri antara Malaikat dan Syetan
Kadang aku insaf dan baik, kadang aku juga ada dosa

Aku bukan manusia sempurna, tapi selalu ingin menuju kesempurnaan
Aku juga bukan manusia lemah, tapi selalu jatuh dalam kelemahan
Aku manusia yang berada diantara A-Z
Mutiara kesucian yang Engkau tanamkan pada bahagian Bani Adam,

Engkau lumuri debu pendurhakaan pada kening Syetan
Dua sifat itu Engkau campurkan bersama-sama
Seakan berpacu, perperang mana yang menang, mana yang kalah
Menang menuju surgaMu, kalah menembus nerakaMu.

Aku tahu, aku tak pantas dalam surgaMu
Tapi aku takut panas api nerakaMu
Lantas, bagaimanakah aku
Apakah aku selalu berada diantara keduanya?

Ya Rahman ya Rahim,
Aku yakin, aku masuk surgaMu bukan sahaja karena amalanku
Tapi karena rahmatMu dan cintaMu
Karena itu hanya satu yang kuinginkan :”Beri aku kecintaanMu” .