Malay doctor defies Jais, puts children under church care

By Boo Su-Lyn
August 21, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 21 — A Malay doctor facing marital problems has refused to commit his children to the care of Muslim organisations preferring instead to send them to a church in Petaling Jaya, in the latest touchy subject of Muslims turning to Christians for help in the country.
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Achieving Blessings in Ramadan: An 8 Step Guide

By Zaineb Shebani Ramadan

Ramadan is an incredible opportunity that we shouldn’t lose out on. It is a month full of enormous spiritual wealth and reward. However, many of us often suffer from lack of productivity during Ramadan and not making the most of the special blessed month.  With Ramadan starting today, I have put together eight steps that will help us reap the benefits of the special month and allow us to experience a spiritual transformation this coming Ramadan insha’Allah (God willing)
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Learn from nature

In his book Actualizations, Stewart Emery reports a startling experiment done with amoebas.  Amoebas were put in two different tanks to study the conditions most conducive to growing living organisms.

In one tank, amoebas were put in ultimate comfort.  Water temperature, water level, humidity etc were constantly monitored to ensure these amoebas get ultimate comfort and ease.

In the other tank, the amoebas there were subjected to harsh environment.  They were given ever changing temperature, water levels etc and all these made them truly uncomfortable.

To the total amazement of the researchers, the amoebas in the most difficult condition grew faster and stronger than those in the comfort zone tank.

The researchers concluded that too comfortable life without challenges cause living things to decay faster and die, whereas adversity and challenges lead to strength and the building of life force.


Problems and challenges are indeed good for us.  Ask not why — but ask what can you learn from.