Mark Zuckerberg is not happy

Remember the article on the blog Oh MillatFacebook Malaysia recently? Apparently, the impact so great that MillatFacebook founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is not happy sitting now this. MillatFacebook that changed the face of the present a good performance. If Mark Zuckerberg took many years to complete the prototype and launch up, the Pakistan only takes a few days before MillatFacebook launched globally.

Within 11 days, about 268,000 people had joined the MillatFacebook compared to only 3,000 people who joined up during the first month of launch. On June 9, 2010, MillatFacebook Alexa ranking jumped to 21.488 to the ladder of global ranking. Facebook is a period of 6 years to gain popularity the world.

MillatFacebook effects on Facebook

Usage increased by 10.24% up to 3 months. After up to maintain and continue the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” and the launch MillatFacebook, Facebook users declined by 2.32% last month. With the increasing popularity of MillatFacebook, growth declined by 0.5% up in the last 7 days. Expected, up to lose 10% of users, or about 40 million people from 400 million users on Facebook.

Attempt to thwart MillatFacebook up

* Continuous DDOS attack on MillatFacebook (including the use of IP Israel and the CIA).
* Subversion Attacks on MillatFacebook.
* Threats to personal MillatFacebook management.
* Conspiracy to Yahoo in which Yahoo to stop sending emails relating to MillatFacebook.
* Yahoo Mail block MillatFacebook email and said “your website contain offensive content.”

MillatFacebook in an effort to increase the speed of browsing social sites and will move to a new server BoonEx: Dolphin, Russia. Please share this article with a friend on Facebook and Twitter so that more people are turning to MillatFacebook: social networking site owned by Muslims. If you are lazy, can ‘Like’ je. : D