Zakir Naik banned from entering UK

(Reuters) – Britain on Friday banned from entering the country an Indian preacher who has expressed radical views about Islam, including some that appear to justify acts of terrorism.

Home Secretary Theresa May said she had barred Zakir Naik, a 44-year-old television preacher based in Mumbai, for inflammatory remarks he was known to have made in the past.

Naik had been due to give a series of lectures in London and the city of Sheffield in northern England.
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Why Condemn The Jews?

The Israeli Defence Force responded to signs of peace with acts of war. It attacked a flotilla of boats in international waters that carried people and humanitarian goods. It destroyed precious lives. Brutality has not stopped there. Ordinary Palestinians awaiting much needed help have been victimized yet again.

We, as individuals who are not members of activist peace organizations but simply cherish the ideals of peace and justice, are deeply disturbed by what the Israeli government and its military have done and by the disinformation it and its supporters have spread in trying to legitimize acts of crime.
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Don’t Fall Victim To “Clothed Yet Naked”

Many woman have already covered their aurat. On one side, we have to feel glad because this all prove that Islamic syariah is acceptable in our muslim society. veil(tudung) and jilbab is very popular and many people wear it. But on the other side, there many bad matters related to that.

“Clothed yet naked”

Dressed but her entire body shape of the body are all seen. Such as, tight trousers that describe her underwear, transparent singlet that shows clearly her bra size. Several women modify their tudung to be put on their neck so that her necklace and the earring can be seen.

These facts are very horrible, because the function of clothes is used for covering aurat . The veil that should be the identity of Muslimah is misused.

Maybe they do not know yet about how a Muslimah should be dressed. They are only fashion victims of the newest trend which is showed by celebrities. It happen because media blows it up continually, finally that fashion style of celebrities is made as role model for our society.
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Tour Guide For Mosque

A 2-day course under Islamic Outreach Abim will be conducted for those who are interested to participate in voluntary work as a mosque tourist guide for non-muslim tourists who come from all over the world to visit Malaysia and stops at local mosques as part of their itinerary schedule. Your function will be to welcome them at the mosque, show them around and explain to them the prominent aspects of the mosque physically and spiritually and SUBTLY do Dakwah to them about Tauhid (Allah), Prophet Muhammad and also all the other prophets, the Qur’an & the other books of God, about Islamic practices and its beauty.

So here’s our chance of putting into practice what we have learn in FCR and FCR add-ons, We will really realize our real ability or potential in explaining Islam clearly to non-Muslims who ‘may or may not be’ interested in Islam. We will be able to test our ability in being patient, polite, non-coercive and yet at the same time, (here’s the big challenge) “entertaining” . But as the saying goes: “Practice makes perfect”. Don’t worry, all these will be taught to you during the course and seniors are willing willing to share techniques and experiences

Place: Masjid Negara
Date: 13 – 14 June 2010
Time: 8.30 – 4.30 pm
Costs: Free of charge with teas & lunch provided
Language: Bahasa & English

After the training if you like you can allocate your own time be it 1 hour a week or even 1 hour a month to choose from Mon to Sun, 365 days a year or forget about the whole matter (and probably regret a simple but big opportunity lost in the hereafter). Pay: enormous. Fill in the form and you will be paid in the world Hereafter, Insyallah.

If you choose to join you can attach yourself with any of the following mosques:
1. Masjid Negara
2. Masjid Wilayah
3. Masjid Jame
4. Masjid Negeri Shah Alam
5. Masjid Putra, Putrajaya
6. Masjid Tg Mizan, Putrajaya
7. Masjid Kg Kling, Melaka
8. Masjid Negeri Kuantan
9. Masjid Kapitan Kling, Penang
10. Masjid Kristal, Kuala Terengganu
11. The Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
12. The Main Mosque, Bangkok
13. The Main Mosque, Vietnam
14. The Main Mosque, Seoul
15. The Main Mosque, London
15. The Main Mosque, Bahrain

Hj Zubir Ismail