Abdul Sattar Edhi – A Hero for the Poor and Destitute

by Zaheer Iqbal

Humanitarian and Edhi Foundation Chairman Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away at the age of 88 in Karachi on Friday night, A state funeral was held today after Zuhur prayers at the National Stadium attended by prominent figures from the Army and Government and thousands members of the public after which he was laid to rest at Edhi village.

Crowds of people gathered outside the Karachi hospital late Friday night to express their condolences to the family.

Social media quickly lit up in honour of the man whose work uplifted the nation’s destitute and orphans, the love is cemented in their hearts..

Known in Pakistan as the “Angel of Mercy” for his social work that also won international acclaim, Edhi had established a welfare foundation almost six decades ago that he oversaw together with his wife, Bilquis Edhi.In 2013, The Huffington Post said that he might be “the world’s greatest living humanitarian.

“I wanted to teach the nation how to give.”
Abdul Sattar Edhi

His work won him many awards including the Gandhi Peace Award, the 2007 UNESCO Madanjeet Singh prize, the 2011 London Peace Award, the 2008 Seoul Peace Award and the Hamdan award for volunteers in humanitarian medical service.

Revered by many as a national hero, Edhi created a charitable empire out of nothing. He masterminded Pakistan’s largest welfare organisation almost single-handedly, entirely with private donations. To many, Edhi was known as “Father Teresa” of Pakistan.


Edhi was born in 1928 in Bantva in the Gujarat, British India. The partition of India led Edhi and his family to migrate to Pakistan in 1947. He then shifted to Karachi, He initially started as a peddler and later as a commission agent selling cloth at a Karachi wholesale market, he later established a free dispensary with help from his community. That was the start of his Charity Empire for the people of Pakistan. His mother would give him 1 paisa for his meals and another to give to a beggar.

“You have to care for all beings created by God…My mission is to help any person in need.” Abdul Sattar Edhi

Frail and weak in his later years, Edhi appointed his son Faisal as managing trustee of his charity in early 2016.

Motivated by a spiritual quest for justice, over the years Edhi and his team created maternity wards, morgues, orphanages, shelters, and homes for the elderly — all aimed at helping those in society who were in need.

The Edhi Foundation continues to grow in both size and service, and is currently the largest welfare organisation in Pakistan. Since its inception, the Edhi Foundation runs the world’s largest ambulance service (operating 1,500 of them) and offers 24-hour emergency services. It has rescued over 20,000 abandoned infants, rehabilitated over 50,000 orphans and has trained over 40,000 nurses. It also runs more than 330 welfare centres in rural and urban Pakistan which operate as food kitchens, rehabilitation homes, shelters for abandoned women and children and drug addicts and clinics for the mentally handicapped.

He will be remembered for years to come and will inspire others to work for humanity.

As he left this world his final words were “Meray mulk kay ghareebo ka khiyal rakhna.”. (Take care of the Poor of my Country.” He also donated his eyes for any one in need of them.

TERLENA – Al Marhum Prof Hamka

Waktu berlalu begitu pantas menipu kita yang terlena

Belum sempat berzikir di waktu pagi, hari sudah menjelang siang, Belum sempat bersedekah pagi, matahari sudah meninggi.

Niat pukul 9.00 pagi hendak solat Dhuha, tiba-tiba azan Zuhur sudah terdengar..

Teringin setiap pagi membaca 1 juzuk Al-Quran, menambah hafalan satu hari satu ayat, itu pun tidak dilakukan.

Rancangan untuk tidak akan melewatkan malam kecuali dengan tahajjud dan witir, walau pun hanya 3 rakaat, semua tinggal angan-angan.

Beginikah berterusannya nasib hidup menghabiskan umur? Berseronok dengan usia?

Lalu tiba-tiba menjelmalah usia di angka 30, sebentar kemudian 40, tidak lama terasa menjadi 50 dan kemudian orang mula memanggil kita dengan panggilan “Tok Wan, Atok…Nek” menandakan kita sudah tua.

Lalu sambil menunggu Sakaratul Maut tiba, diperlihatkan catatan amal yang kita pernah buat….

Astaghfirullah, ternyata tidak seberapa sedekah dan infak cuma sekadarnya, mengajarkan ilmu tidak pernah ada, silaturrahim tidak pernah buat.

Justeru, apakah roh ini tidak akan melolong, meraung, menjerit menahan kesakitan di saat berpisah daripada tubuh ketika Sakaratul Maut?

Tambahkan usiaku ya Allah, aku memerlukan waktu untuk beramal sebelum Kau akhiri ajalku.

Belum cukupkah kita menyia-nyiakan waktu selama 30, 40, 50 atau 60 tahun?

Perlu berapa tahun lagikah untuk mengulang pagi, siang, petang dan malam, perlu berapa minggu, bulan, dan tahun lagi agar kita BERSEDIA untuk mati?

Kita tidak pernah merasa kehilangan waktu dan kesempatan untuk menghasilkan pahala, maka 1000 tahun pun tidak akan pernah cukup bagi orang-orang yang terlena.

Pak Hamka.
(Pujangga Nusantara)
hayati dan sebar


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Ddos Attack and Exabyte Cant do a thing to stop it

Being a webmaster and with limited budget, its really tiring to find that you cant do anything to save your website from Ddos attacks. By the way, a Ddos attack is DDoS is short for Distributed Denial of Service. DDoS is a type of DOS attack where multiple compromised systems, which are often infected with a Trojan, are used to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. With a Ddos attack, you will always get this message when you go to the website – “Bandwith Limit Exceeded” thus making the site impossible for updating and you have to wait for the next month to make it reachable.

The Ddos attack came from Czech Republic, France, imagine as for today the attack is continuous and it could eventually end up with another “Bandwith Limit Exceeded”. I hope these people out there could do something worthwhile by attacking porn, gambling and other sites that promotes vice.

TAWAF and its significance

Why is Tawaf done Anti clockwise:

It never occured to me as to why the TAWAAF around the KA’ABA is “Anti clockwise”?

  1. Modern Science has proved many things that confirm the importance of TAWAAF around the KA’ABA “Anti clockwise.”

👉1) The Blood inside the human body begins its circulation “Anti clockwise”

👉2) The electrons of an atom revolve around its nucleus in the same manner as making Tawaaf, in an anti clockwise direction.
Considering the globe as a whole, you will notice that:

👉3) The moon revolves around the earth anti clockwise.

👉4) The earth rotates around its own axis in an anti clockwise direction.

👉5) The earth revolves around the sun in an anti clockwise direction.

👉6) The planets of the Solar system revolve around the sun in an anti clockwise direction.

👉7) The Sun along with its whole Solar system orbit in the galaxy in an anti clockwise direction.

👉8) All the galaxies orbit in the space in an anti clockwise direction.

👉👉That is: When we revolve around the KA’ABA we are orbiting in the same direction as the whole universe.
👉👉Worshiping Allah in one direction.
👉👉Praising Allah in one direction.
And all the creations of Allah from the tiniest particles, to the largest galaxies, along with the human race unite in praise of Allah.

👉When we tour around the KA’ABA, we are travelling in the land traveled by all the Prophets of Allah from the Prophets Adam Alaihissalam to the Prophet MOHAMMAD Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wa Sallam.

The KA’ABA in Makkah is never free from circumbulators. “Know that the world has come to an end when no soul will circle ambulate the Holy KA’ABA.”
A Beautiful Dua for thanking Allah for every moment:’

‘Allahumma Inni Ala Zikrika Wa Shukrika Wa Husni Ibadatika’…….

Food for Thought


If an egg is broken by a outside force…life ends…if broken by an inside force… life begins… great thing always begin from inside…desire changes nothing… decision changes something… but DETERMINATION CHANGES EVERYTHING …when we tell our mind…we want to do something…suddenly everything will seem easy… when our mind is weak everything looks difficult and like a huge problem…when our mind is balanced everything seems like a challenge… however when our mind is STRONG everything seems like an OPPORTUNITY and we take it and do it because we believe we can do it !!!…take care…have a lovely weekend

Muhasabah buat diriku


*Waktu berlalu begitu halus* menipu kita yang terlena, belum sempat berdzikir pagi tau-tau hari sudah menjelang siang, belum sempat bersedekah pagi, matahari sudah meninggi.

*Rencana* jam 9 mau shalat Dhuha, tiba-tiba adzan Dzuhur sudah terdengar, teringin setiap pagi membaca 1 juz Al-Qur’an, menambah hafalan satu hari satu ayat, itupun tak dilakukan

*komitmen* tidak akan melewatkan malam kecuali dengan tahajud dan witir, sekalipun hanya 3 raka’at singkat, semua tinggal rencana.

Bekerja bersungguh2 cari dunia seolah2 kita akan kekal selama lamanya di sini tanpa mencari sama bekalan amalan soleh utk menghadap Pencipta Maha Agung.

Akan terus beginikah nasib *hidup* menghabiskan umur ?, berseronok dengan usia ?

Lalu tiba-tiba masuklah *usia* di angka 30, sebentar kemudian 40, tak lama terasa menjadi 50, dan kemudian orang mulai memanggil kita dengan sebutan “Tuk wan… Tuk Nek…” pertanda kita sudah tua.

Lalu sambil *menunggu sakarotul maut* tiba, sekejap tengok catatan amal yang kita ingat pernah berbuat apa … ???.

Astaghfirullah… *ternyata tak seberapa, !!!* sedekah dan infaq cuma sekedarnya, mengajarkan ilmu tak pernah ada, silaturrahmi tak pernah buat.

Jika sudah demikian, apakah ruh ini tidak akan melolong, meraung, menjerit menahan kesakitan disaat harus berpisah dari tubuh pada waktu *sakaratul maut*…???.

Tambahkan usiaku ya Allah…!!! , aku *perlu waktu* untuk beramal dan berbekal sebelum Kau akhiri ajal.

Belum cukupkah *menyia-nyiakan* waktu selama 30, 40, 50 atau 60 tahun ?,

*Perlu berapa tahun* lagikah untuk mengulang pagi, siang sore dan malam hari, perlu berapa minggu, bulan, dan tahun lagi agar bisa mempersiapkan diri untuk siap mati.

Tanpa kita pernah merasa kehilangan waktu dan kesempatan untuk menghasilkan pahala di setiap detiknya, maka 1000 tahunpun *tidak akan pernah cukup* bagi orang orang yang terlena…

*Astaghfirullah…..* Ya Allah Kurniakan Hidayah Taufik kpd kami yang lalai ini. AMIIN.

Selamat tahun baru hijriah 1438 H / 2 okt 2016


Alam BarzakhAlam barzakh merupakan salah satu perkara ghaib yang wajib kita percayai dan yakini. Alam barzakh juga dikenali sebagai alam kubur. Di sinilah nikmat dan seksaan yang akan dilalui oleh manusia. Alam barzakh atau kubur di sini bukanlah bermaksud secara zahir atau jasadnya. Seperti mereka yang mati tanpa diketahui kubur atau tanpa kubur. Contohnya, mereka yang mati dibaham buaya, hilang dan mati atau mati dengan badan hancur berkecai. Mereka ini juga tetap melalui alam barzakh. Malah semua manusia akan tetap melalui alam barzakh sebelum ke alam akhirat.

Alam barzakh ini berada di antara dua alam iaitu alam dunia dan alam akhirat. Bagaimana keadaan, balasan atau nikmat yang akan dihadapinya terpulang kepada amal kebajikan yang pernah dilakukannya semasa di alam dunia. Seksaan atau nikmat akan manusia hadapi di sini berterusan sehinggalah saat dibangkitkan dan dikumpulkan di Padang Mahsyar untuk pengadilan.
Peristiwa kiamat pula adalah di mana seluruh alam semesta bumi, gunung-ganang, lautan dan langit ketika berlaku peristiwa kiamat yang terdiri dari pecahnya langit, gempa bumi, keuntuhannya, ledakan dasyat, kebakaran dan kematian seluruh makluk akan hancur berkecai dan dilenyapkan. Bagaimana dahsyatnya, telah digambarkan di dalam Al-Qur’an. Kehancuran yang amat dahsyat dan tidak boleh dibayangkan oleh daya imaginasi manusia. Sekiranya bencana tsunami, gempa bumi, gunung berapi atau ribut badai itu sebagai gambarannya, itu hanya sekelumit sahaja dari kedahsyatan kiamat. Di hari berlakunya kiamat ini, semua manusia bagaikan hilang pedoman, keadaan menjadi huru-hara dan tiada tempat yang selamat untuk berlindung.