Kedudukan Perbuatan Zikir Sambil Memukul Gendang atau Alat Musik lain dalam Surau atau Masjid

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American Military Christian hated Islam became Muslim


I was raised Christian, went to summer camps and so on. I was actually born-again earlier the same year I ended up converting to Islam and was reading the bible regularly. I joined the US military as soon as I turned 17 that year, went to basic training in the summer, after 9/11 was on the Muslim hating bandwagon, and then while browsing the internet for anti-Muslim reasons I stumbled (alhamdulillah) upon some real dawah sites like and others in December.

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Sumbangan Penganjur ” Touch A Dog”

syed azmi 6syed 8


syed azmi 7

syed azmi2Kencaman demi kencaman itu budaya kita kerana kita sentiasa beremosi dan tidak menyiasat sesuatu sebelum ianya mengakibatkan sesuatu yang lebih drastik. Ungkapan ini bertujuan untuk memberi kita pengajaran terhadap cara kita melihat pada sesuatu peristiwa seperti yang telah berlaku baru-baru ini iaitu penganjuran event “Touch a Dog”. Lazimnya anjing dikaitkan dengan najis mukallazah khususnya kepada tabiatnya dan apabila menyentuhnya dalam keadaan basah. Taboo ini memang telahpun ditanam didalam diri kita melalui pengajian kelas fiqah bagi yang mengikutinya. Islam adalah agama pegangan dan amalan dan bukan ikutan semata-mata. Dalam penganjuran aktiviti yang penuh kontroversi sememangnya kita yang telahpun diberi ajaran dan tarbiyyah akan rasa terkejut dengan penganjuran aktiviti tersebut dan terus bertindak mengencam dan melemparkan kata-kata kesat kepada penganjurnya iaitu saudara Syed Azmi.
Sebaliknya kita siasat latar belakang Sdr Syed Azmi dan sumbangan beliau untuk Islam dan kepada golongan marhain atau golongan gelandangan. Beliau merupakan seorang aktivis sosial yang pernah menganjurkan pelbagai aktiviti sosial tetapi tidak dinilai sumbangan beliau tetapi dengan penganjuran aktiviti ini beliau terus jadi popular “for the wrong reason”. Di antara aktiviti yang pernah beliau anjurkan adalah seperti berikut :

1.Free Market (Pembahagian barangan secara percuma kepada golongan kurang mampu dan kurang bernasib baik)
2.Street Solat bersama warga miskin kota (gelandangan)
3.Sumbangan barangan / makanan kepada golongan warga miskin kota (gelandangan)
4.Ramadhan Box
5.Kursus Pengurusan Jenazah
6.Kursus Penyembelihan Ayam
7.Sukan Rakyat
8.Lawatan Ke rumah Orang tua-tua (membantu kerja membersih dan memberi makan)
9.Kutipan Pakaian Untuk Syria
10.Kutipan makanan untuk mangsa banjir Kuantan
11.Food for Sahur untuk penjaga pesakit di hospital
12.Kutipan Alat tulis untuk sekolah anak orang asli di Cameron Highland
13.Suspended Meal (Free meal for the poor)
14.Kempen Zebra Crossing
15.Picnic in The Park for kanak-kanak yang menghidap kanser
16.Project Make It Right (Give Up your seats to the pregnant ladies in commuter)
Bersama-samalah kita muhasabah diri kita samaada kita ada memberi sumbangan untuk meningkatkan syiar islam agar ianya diterima Allah SWT.

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New Zealand cancels Muslim convert’s passport

adsizWiremu Curtis was on his way to the Middle-East to study when he was put on the no-fly list and had his passport cancelled.

Wiremu Curtis, now known as Haroon, a Muslim convert from New Zealand who was once a Kiwi gang member before making his life-changing decision, was denied boarding by New Zealand airport security and had his passport cancelled, with the authorities citing “security risks”.

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Pasukan Cameroon mengucap dua kalimah syahadah beramai-ramai setelah menghadiri satu kem latihan yang dianjurkan jabatan tersebut di Dubai – Foto IACAD

Kesemua anggota pasukan bola sepak kebangsaan Cameroon termasuk jurulatih dan paderi mereka telah memeluk agama Islam, lapor Jabatan Hal Ehwal Islam dan Aktiviti Kebajikan Dubai (IACAD), Emiriyah Arab Bersatu.

Anggota pasukan Cameroon mengucap dua kalimah syahadah beramai-ramai setelah menghadiri satu kem latihan yang dianjurkan jabatan tersebut di Dubai.
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ISIL Serving “Zionist” Plot: Al-Azhar

“These criminals have been able to transmit to the world a tarnished and alarming image of Muslims,” Grand Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb said.

CAIRO – Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, the highest seat of religious learning in the Sunni world, has condemned the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), accusing it of serving a “Zionist” plot to “destroy the Arab World”.
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Russian Archpriest Says Future for Muslims

The future will belong to the Muslims. The future is theirs,” he said.

MOSCOW – Russia’s Orthodox archpriest Dmitri Smirnov has told congregants in his last Sunday sermon that the future belongs to Muslims, praising them for offering help to the needy without repay, unlike the Christians in this land.

“In fact, during their [Muslim] festivals, the people are scared to enter their areas (in Moscow) because tens of thousands of young Muslim men fall down on their knees and worship God,” World Bulletin quoted the archpriest on Wednesday, September 10.

“Where have you seen that many Orthodox men? You cannot see them anywhere at any time,’ he added.

Islam in Russia

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Arnoud van Doorn: from anti-Islamic film-maker to hajj pilgrim

 Arnoud van Doorn

Arnoud van Doorn is a former far-right politician from the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) of Geert Wilders. In December 2011, Van Doorn broke with the party, officially because of “mistakes he made with the budget” but in fact of his critical position within the PVV He embraced Islam in 2013, after learning about the faith. Until May 2014, he served as a member of The Hague City Council for the PvdE, a political party based on Islam. At the moment he is President of theEuropean Dawah Foundation, and Ambassador of Celebrity Relations for Canadian Dawah Association in Europe. He is a Member of the Board and Official Representative for the PvdE in the City Council of The Hague.

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What is Qurban?

Qurban means sacrifice. The significance of this eid is from the offering of Prophet Abraham(as), who prepeared to present his son Ismail(as) to Allah, upon having dream of such a command. He prepared to offer his son, but this was a test from Allah, so before he could sloughter his boy, the angels replaced him with a sacrificing animal.

The act of Qurban (Sacrifice) is carried out by millions of Muslims every year during Eid Al-Adha following the example of the father of Prophets, Ibrahim (AS). It is celeberated for four days after the day of Hajj (9th Dhul Hajj). This means it is on the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th of Dhul Hajj on the Islamic calender.

Allah (SWT) says in the Quran: “It is neither their meat nor their blood, that reaches Allah, it is your piety that reaches Him”. (Al Qur’an, Ch:22 v:37)

The prophet Muhammad PBUH was asked “What is Qurban?”, He answered, “It is the sunnah of your father Ibrahim (AS), for every hair of the Qurban you will receive a reward from Allah and for every hair in the wool you will receive a reward”. (Hadith – Ibn Maja and Tirmidhi).

To remember this sacrifice of him we,muslim who can afford to, make an offering to Allah of an animal. This is called Qurbani. It is not an obligation, but necessarily for all who are earning and have enough money to do it. The meat of the animal should be divided into three portions, of which one third is distributed among the poor, another part among relatives and friends, and the third is consumed in the family.

As a Muslim, its an Ibadah, no Muslims can ignore and the blessings are enormous. So, get yourself registered at one of the nearest Mosque or surau to fulfill the ibadah.

Your reference:

Garis Panduan Ibadat Qurban


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Para Penggembala Kambing

Apakah hikmah Nabi memgembala kambing?  Apa ada pada kambing yang mampu membina si pengembala itu sendiri?  Ikuti ceramah ringkas ini untuk menyingkap rahsianya.

BaarakaLlahu fiikum.

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